First post / meta stuff

Yes, this is probably the third (or fourth, I don’t remember) version of this blog and now it’s even written in a different language

A bit of history

This website and this blog was the first attempt for me to learn how to code, and publish stuff on the internet. The first version was a really badly designed php application, after that most of the version were just better in the backend coding, but not much in the design.

Then it started to be not that much cost effective to have a full RoR backend with a full blown mysql / postgresql database and because of that May 18, 2016 I decided to move to It was just easier to maintain and I already had a job in which I was coding more complex stuff. Also the language started to change from italian to english, mostly because I was already thinking about going abroad and english would have attracted a bigger audience

What now, why this and not continue on Medium

I totally like and support that Medium doesn’t want to sell your data and needs to make money in some other ways, but I got really frustrated with the fact that people need to pay for read more than 5 articles (I’m not sure if mine are behind the paywall).

I share stuff because I like to do it, and I got at some point close to 20 cents from google adv in a year, of course not enough to cash them in. So I guess monetizing this doesn’t make much sense.

I also like to be more in control of owning what I’m writing, yes, this is hosted on github, but by the very nature of git you can just go here and clone my repo, you can also use that way to read this blog (if you’re into it). If that disappears, I can push it to another git repository somewhere else and host it somewhere else.